Bridging The Gap

Between the pain of addiction and successful recovery


A specialized coaching program that gives families all the tools needed for navigating the road to successful recovery for a loved one. 



Addressing a substance use issue with a loved one is no easy task for any family. Many families feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to knowing how to provide effective treatment support. Jim Savage, LCDC specializes in helping families make sure they're doing everything they can to give their loved on the best chance possible for treatment success.

The RehabWorks Family Recovery Program is an intensive coaching program that allows you to be guided by Jim Savage through your loved one's entire treatment process, giving you the best chance possible for treatment success.

Meet Jim  Savage, LCDC. Recovered addict. Veteran addiction counselor. Dedicated to helping families support a loved one suffering from a substance use issue.

"A real game changer for improving treatment outcomes through effective family engagement"

  • Take control of a situation that has been out of control
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Feel more hopeful
  • Understand what your loved in is going through
  • Learn what you can do to give your loved one the best chance possible for treatment success
  • Your own personal guide by someone who knows how to avoid common pitfalls that can easily sabotage treatment success

An individualized plan that includes any or all of the of the following:


Individualized coaching sessions

  • Assess and review loved one's recovery plan
  • Identify and implement elements of treatment plan support
  • Identify potential cracks in the foundation for recovery
  • Review homework assignments and apply to treatment support efforts
  • Establish family recovery: From codependency to peace of mind


Treatment Liaison:

  • Coordinate with your loved one's treatment providers
  • Help you prepare for family therapy sessions
  • Inform, explain, and coordinate treatment plan objectives


Parent Support Group

A specially designed weekly group for parents of teen and young adult treatment clients. (Separate group for spouses available. Ask for details.)

  • Advanced educational content
  • Support from other parents who have been where you are
  • Tools for establishing family recovery


Bridging the gap from the pain and chaos of addiction to successful recovery

RehabWorks Online Family Education Program

An entire online learning platform that puts families in the driver's seat with regard to effective treatment support

  • The Alignment Model: Gets everyone on the same page with regard to treatment planning
  • 3 hours of engaging and informative videos
  • PDFs: Tangible application to real-life situations
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call (8 weeks)
  • Private Online RehabWorks Community Membership



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program only for parents of treatment clients?

While the original Rehab Works! book was written specifically for parents, the online program was revised so that it could be used for both adolescent and adult treatment clients. It is for parents of teens, parents of adult children, spouses of treatment clients, or even adult children of parents being treated for a substance use issue.


Does my loved one have to be in treatment for me to use this program?

No. While the RehabWorks Family Recovery Program is designed to support families while their loved one is going through treatment, many begin using the program while taking the first steps towards addressing a potential problem with a loved one. Many families also discover the program after their loved one has completed primary treatment but are still in need of support for continuing care.


How long does the program last?

The Family Recovery Program typically includes four initial coaching sessions; the time frame for these can range from twice a week to once a month. Additional  sessions can be scheduled as needed.

The online course includes three modules; each module takes 1-1.5 hours to complete. Most families typically complete the entire course in 1-3 weeks. The coaching sessions are used to review material, process assignments, and develop support strategies.

Get started on the road to successful family recovery today!



To enroll in the RehabWorks Family Coaching Program, the first step is to schedule a call with Jim Savage for a free consultation to determine if the program would be a good fit for your case. Simply click the link below and pick a time. (If your loved is currently in treatment, you want to begin as soon as possible, as every day counts!)