Denial. It ain't a river in Egypt!

Dec 25, 2020

I'd like to take a minute to talk about denial.

More specifically, I'd like to talk about how many problems "denial" causes when it comes to understanding what it means to have a drug or alcohol problem.

It was a big problem when I started working in the addiction field over thirty years ago. And unfortunately, it continues to be a big problem today.

But before I go on, let me put this in a little context for you as far as my own experience in this area...

You see, the first time I learned about what it means to have a drug problem was when my parents stuck me in rehab when I was 17.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite ready to hear the message and it took several more years for me to find out that what they were teaching there about addiction was true: it doesn’t go away, it keeps getting worse, and so on.

By the time I was 22, things had gotten so bad for me that I actually checked myself into rehab—again.

And thus began my own personal journey of recovery.

Today I’m a “seasoned” drug and alcohol counselor, having worked in the addiction field for over 30 years.

And despite all the sophisticated advancements we’ve made in the addiction field, the one thing I keep coming back to is: The importance of paying attention to the basics of substance use disorder education.

That’s why I created my course called Understanding Substance Use Disorder.

I wanted to come up with a way to get this information to the people who need it, and whose lives can be changed by having it.

As you’ll see, denial—or simply being uninformed—is like a corrosive thread that eats away at even our best prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts. And the consequences can be grave.

But the solution to denial is simply being informed.

And the difference this can make in people’s lives is literally unimaginable—you never how you may impact someone else’s life by knowing how to respond to a substance use issue in a productive manner.

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