Treatment Rescue: Everybody On The Same Page!

Jan 26, 2021

The video above describes a really common problem that occurs in drug treatment, and that's when the client, the family, and the treatment team aren't all on the same page with regard to the treatment plan. 

What happens for families in this situation is what I call "the substitute teacher phenomenon."

When the families don't learn everything the clients are learning in treatment about addiction and recovery, it puts them in the awkward position of not knowing whether the client is following the treatment or not. 

And this video gives a really clear example of exactly how this works. 

Here's the story behind the video:

I had just completed the videos for Module I of RehabWorks, an online course I was creating for families of treatment clients. It was a presentation on Substance Use Disorder, and I was excited to show it to someone. So I used it in a family session that day with one of my clients, and it led to a significant breakthrough in the client's treatment. 

Here's what the dad said after viewing the videos:

"This is exactly what we've been arguing about since the day we checked him in to rehab!"

Find out what he was talking about by watching the video!

Unfortunately, stories like this occur way too frequently around the world of addiction treatment, but it also gives some insight into some easy solutions for avoiding poor treatment outcomes. 

When I saw how much of an impact watching these videos made for the family in this case, and then continued to get feedback from colleagues and clients about how valuable and NEEDED this material was, I decided I should present this module as a standalone course. I kept it as Module I of the RehabWorks Family Support Program, but I also made it available as a separate course called "Understanding Substance  Use Disorder."

To learn more about "Understanding Substance Use Disorder," CLICK  HERE


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